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The Foundation course

The Foundation CourseThe Foundation courses take place locally in a friendly and informal environmentand are conducted by experienced radio amateurs, usually at a local radio club. Most of the training is practical, there is a small amount of radio and electronics theory but only enough for you to appreciate things like using the correct fuses in your equipment and how to build an antenna to get the most out of your radio station. Your course will take 10 to 12 hours to complete, and can be spread out over a few weeks or weekends.


The Intermediate course

The Intermediate courseIt’s not necessary to take a course to sit the Intermediate exam, but we would strongly recommend doing so. All our RSGB-affliated trainers have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to impart to their students. The Intermediate course is longer and more challenging than the Foundation. It aims to teach many of the fundamentals of radio in a stimulating way by actually undertaking practical tasks such as soldering, building a small project and a variety of other exercises, building on the experience you have gained as a Foundation licence holder.

The Advanced course

The Advanced courseWe are not going to pretend that getting an Full licence will be easy. An advanced complex technical exam has to be passed that requires considerable study for success. So you must be prepared to invest a good amount of time and effort in your studies. When studying for the advanced Radio Communications exam there is no requirement to take a formal training course, this isbecause the examination is entirely theory based, with no practical training element. It is possible to study at home on your own or at a local amateur radio club or at a college; many run courses specifically for the advanced Radio Communications examination.


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